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Soul Navigation: It’s Not About Fixing, It’s About Finding…

When one decides to seek counseling, typically the routine is the same: Find a professional, work on fixing what is broken, process the issue(s) until the pain is gone, and eventually you are “healed”.

For many years we offered this type of counseling and over time it can work very well, people find wholeness through “fixing”.

However, we (Dr. Kathleen Arai / Luke Rideout) began to ask ourselves, “Why always focus on fixing, why can’t healing be about finding, isn’t that the truth of it”?

What if the following statement was true…

God created us to have what it takes, we are not broken in need of fixing, we are forgetful and need to remember, we need to find ourselves.

It is truth.

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At Discovering Soul we have designed a counseling philosophy based on finding, not fixing and we call it Soul Navigation.

A process where resolving painful events, various issues and “the past”, is not so much about hyper processing all the broken pieces, instead it’s about discovering how all the broken pieces fit into a larger story. The story of who God is calling you to be!

We don’t find healing in spite of past events, we find healing in learning the meaning from past events. Stop worrying about being defined by the past. Lean into discovering how those events can shape you into something uniquely strong, as opposed to weak.

Job 23:10 For He knoweth the way that I take; when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

The ultimate goal of our counseling is to give you a different lens to see and process the past, present and future through, one that nurtures and supports active healing and growth.

The culture we live in tells us differently, we consistently hear the same message, “So sorry that happened to you growing up and now you deal with…” It’s as if we are damaged now and aren’t operational! To hide we put on masks, play different roles in what can feel like a very dysfunctional production.

At Discovering Soul our message is this, “Let’s look at your past and see what it’s telling us about who you really are…”

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