Our Vision

The Mission

A Zionist Organization, Discovering Soul International offers guidance to those who earnestly seek healing and want to aggressively find out who they are through discovering the story of who they are designed to be.

Our “Tenets”

Love Fiercely

We love God, we love others. The rest falls into place.

Embrace the Journey

It is not about the end result, it is about embracing the adventure of trusting God to take us there.

Fear Nothing

We have to light our hair on fire and fight for freedom without hesitance;
We have no fear because we believe in the God of Israel.

Under a Theocracy

God governs us.

Live in Freedom

We do not live in a state of fear, we embrace God’s calling, accept His leadership and love Him with everything He has given us.

Nothing Half-Way

We do not love or serve God just enough until it gets uncomfortable, we love and follow Him even when it leads to discomfort. We do what is right and live with the consequences.

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