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Individual Counseling

Counseling is an individual process, because wounds are as unique as the person’s fingerprints. Healing is not as effective any other way. The goal is to help you heal emotionally, find freedom spiritually and navigate to the person God made you to be.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage is tough, no doubt about it. Many couples need individual healing before they can come together and do counseling as a couple. We offer a good balance and evaluation into what a couple needs to thrive; first, as individuals and then as a couple. Finally, we help marriages navigate where God is taking them next on their journey.

Family Counseling

Family dynamics, scary words…Aren’t they? They don’t have to be, navigating a family through healing involves balancing counseling time for each member individually and then as a unit. The goal for Family Counseling is to bring order and establish peace.

Organizational Leadership Counseling

Whether your team is in a corporate or religious setting, we have the tools to help you iron out the issues and move on as a cohesive unit. Every member on every team must know his/her roles, and how to handle conflict effectively. If it is personal issues of one or more members, there is time to handle that too. The goal for this counseling: One Team, One Vision.

Special Programs

We are consistently creating programs for individuals in all walks of life; sometimes we live in situations that call for different approaches to healing. We are periodically updating these packages to better suit our clients, thus we have a dedicated link to these packages on our Services Page. Check back often for details.

Personality Testing / Evaluation

Individual and Marriage Sessions are also available via phone and Skype: For pricing, scheduling and other questions, Contact Us.

The Process

Find out more about our process and what to expect from counseling sessions

The Programs

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Scheduling Options

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