Our Counseling Approach

The process of counseling with us usually looks as follows:

As you may have seen below in “Scheduling Options” our counseling sessions are typically 1 hour. If it’s your first time in there is a 10 – 15 minute intake (including a signed Consent and Release Form) followed by 3 simple questions:

1) What are you coming in for? 2) What have you done prior to address it? 3) What are your goals with us?

Once we establish your game plan for healing…The journey of discovery begins.

It’s important to note we are very direct in our approach, this is because we do not believe in wasting your time; we are interested in helping you find healing in a focused manner. Thus, come ready and willing to fulfill the goals you set out to achieve in each session!

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The Process

Find out more about our process and what to expect from counseling sessions

The Programs

See a breakdown and description of our counseling programs.

Scheduling Options

Have a look at our scheduling options and see what’s best for you.

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