A Few Of Our Clients

“Discovering Soul provides a place to openly and comfortably experience healing through professional counseling and a holistic approach to understanding your problem. Furthermore, the Healing Center understands that problems are experienced physically, emotionally,mentally, and spiritually. They are well-versed in each of these realms and will comfortably help you understand their approach to dealing with them.”

John, Nevada

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Our counseling sessions with you have had a lasting impact. We will be forever grateful for your time, commitment and compassion. Discovering Soul is real and life changing. You start at the core of a problem. You journey with people in facing their whys and what their part is in bringing about a solution. If some one wants real and relevant answers. If they are ready to hear truth and embrace change, I hope they have the courage to call you. I trust you. I will always be grateful for you wanting change for me as bad as I wanted it for myself.”

M. Robinson, Idaho

“After working with Dr. Arai at Discovering Soul for a couple of years on finding freedom from childhood baggage, I was excited to be invited on one of their trips to Israel. Visiting such a sacred place at a time in my life when I was shedding old lies and replacing them with new truths about who God created me to be was priceless. Thank you for taking me on such a wonderful trip that opened my eyes to new possibilities for my life! Israel is such a spiritual place! I hope others take their own spiritual journey to Israel with Dr. Arai and Luke Rideout. It will change their life!”

K. Karmazin, California

“I knew that I needed help and was looking for people who had experience with the issues I was dealing with. I had looked to other people for this help but didn’t feel like they understood. The people at Discovering Soul have a vast amount of experience with helping people heal. They enjoy their work and are a gift to those that meet them. They help bring health and freedom to those who are looking for it.”

Wendy, California

“Dr. Arai helped me to let go of long-standing emotional and spiritual issues that had plagued me for years that were the result of my parents’ divorce. I had sought counseling both with multiple counselors to no avail. Dr. Arai was able to pray with me and to work with me to let go of these issues, to forgive and to move on. I attributed my inability to maintain a successful relationship and to “being stuck” to these issues. Today, after working with Dr. Arai for a couple of years, I am happily married and am able to recognize spiritual attacks when they occur and seek the help of the Lord and others (including Dr. Arai) as the need arises. I feel truly blessed that the Lord led me to Dr. Arai and Discovering Soul.”

Melanie, California

The Healing Center

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