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Teaching And Learning

For years people have asked us to come and teach on various topics, including more recently courses and seminars on Soul Navigation. We have gone anywhere from the local block to Hong Kong for the purpose of teaching and speaking about what we do. We are inspiring, motivating, and seek to invoke deep discussions from our listeners, usually leaving them with a new sense of “awe” for God.

Depending on what the venue calls for, the topics we speak on can be done both formally and informally in style; in the format of a discussion oriented course/seminar or a straight forward lecture series.

We are also open to different media formats, including radio and televison.

Speaking Engagement Topics

  • PTSD In Israel Today Understanding The Impact Of PTSD In The Holy Land
  • Ancient To Modern Israel The History And Political Climate Of Today
  • Daily Life In Biblical Times Understanding The Lessons From Daily Life In This Period
  • Women, Hormones And Thriving Through It It’s All In The Title
  • Biblical Herbs And Oils For Healing An Interactive, Hands On Experience
  • Jewish Mysticism What It Is And Isn’t
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