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You do not come to Israel to change it, it will change you.

Discovering Soul has hosted numerous travels to Israel over the past several years. We (Dr. Kathleen Arai / Luke Rideout) have spent an extended amount of time within the country and our knowledge of spiritual matters makes for a unique experience compared to that of a conventional tour. Thus, this is not a journey for “Kodak Moments”, it is anything but that. This journey is for those who want to experience the land of Israel on a deeper level – Experiences such as praying at The Western Wall at midnight when the crowds aren’t there, storytelling at the top of Masada or even off roading in the Golan. Every moment is quality over quantity and groups are led in such a way that God can be the focus of the heart at every site.

Smaller groups (4-10) make for an exciting and tailor-made journey. We do have a screening process to ensure individuals are emotionally prepared and going for the right reasons to Israel.

When we host larger groups (10-60 etc.) it is done in coordination with other agencies in Israel and is also an amazing experience!

For more information regarding scheduling a trip, etc. Contact Us.

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