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How Did This All Begin?

With 15+ years in the mental health field, Dr. Kathleen Arai holds degrees in Nursing, Human Development, Psychology and Theology; BA, MA, through PhD. Kathleen’s background has allowed her unique experiences; including living in Israel and working as a Middle East radio correspondent, college professor and therapist for Israeliā€™s dealing with PTSD. At Discovering Soul, Kathleen is passionate about working with people one on one to overcome their issues and regularly speaks on issues of wholeness, healing and various topics regarding Israel.

Enters the scene Luke Rideout – Upon completion of his BA in Business and working abroad for several years, Luke’s experiences showed him the need for an organization that incorperated spiritual growth and guidance. Together, Dr. Arai and Luke founded Discovering Soul and developed Soul Navigation, a simple term they use to describe their counseling and approach. Thus, with a vision and a team, Discovering Soul International was born.

In addition to the counseling and teaching, DSI (Dr. Arai and Luke) are committed to supporting The State of Israel and several charitable causes within her. This passion came out of spending an extensive amount of time in Israel, which they still frequent often and love taking groups both large and small on Spiritual Journeys there.

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